About Kim

If one word can describe Kim Rouse, it is “achiever.” Kim has spent her life setting and attaining goals, from personal to financial to career. A short look at some of her achievements quickly bears this out:

  • At 16, Kim won the Junior Windsurfing World Championship Competition
  • At 20, she started her own company - a windsurfing & sporting goods distributorship, still one of the largest of its kind in the country.
  • At 24, she invested in her first piece of Real Estate.
  • At 26, she set a record for the Seal Beach Triathlon - a record that still stands today!
  • At 27, she became one of only 8 women to climb Mount Aconcagua in the Andes, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere, and was featured in Esquire Magazine for her achievement.
  • At 30, she (along with her husband, Daryl) became the 11th highest producer in the United States for Real Estate Sales, out of 41,000 Re/Max Agents.
  • At 31, she became the 4th highest producer for Real Estate Sales in the State of California out of 4500 Re/Max Agents.
  • At 34, she launched a Real Estate consulting firm, designed to teach Real Estate agents how to become successful professionals. Her one-on-one coaching skills are impressive. It is her personal commitment to see each of the agents she works with reach their full potential while maintaining balanced and healthy lives.
  • At 36, Kim was awarded the title of National Amateur Sprint Triathlon Champion.
  • At 42, Kim & Daryl collaborated with Re/Max of California & Hawaii to create a premier training program exclusively for Re/Max agents called SuccessTrax Training.
  • Kim leads a very fulfilling and balanced life spending time with Daryl, boxing for fitness, and managing all of the “behind the scenes” activity at Rouse Realty. Kim's daughters are now off to their own World adventures.

Yet when you talk to Kim, you would never guess she accomplished so much.

Kim set about quietly achieving her goals, with no fanfare, just a lot of hard work. Kim’s focus and determination are the keys to her career success. And the people who benefit are her family, her staff and her clients. From the beginning, she has been successful in real estate, selling her first piece of property in one week. The self-discipline she learned early in life serves her now. And her “nothing less than 110%” attitude means anyone who works with her is sure to get the best attention and results.

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