Rouse Realty Market Watch

Welcome to the Rouse Realty Market Watch.  Each quarter, Daryl Rouse, Principal at Rouse Realty offers his insights as to the current and future market trends affecting the property market on the Sunshine Coast.  Quirky, humorous and always valuable Daryl puts his unique twist on what is actually happening in the local market.   The latest report is at the top of the page.  Scroll down for earlier reports.  Reports are updated every quarter. 

May 2018:  “All the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey, I’ve been for a walk, on a Winters day……….”  I suppose you have to be at least over 40 to know the song (Hazy Shade of Winter – The Bangles).  Anyway, back to Real Estate.  Traditionally as we move into the cooler months (relatively speaking) we do see a bit of a slow down, and this year is holding to the trend.  Now, don’t be alarmed, it is not a ‘downturn‘, just a ‘slow down’, and, as with most markets, it will pick up again.  Now, please note, I did not say prices have dropped, but the buyer demand has, and this may lead to a slight price adjustment.  That being said, if you have some time and patience, you can wait it out a bit.  If you do not have the luxury of time, then you may need to meet the market.  

If I had to speak in general terms to the question ‘where is the market going?’, I would still respond in a positive sense.  With all of the changes happening in our area (new airport runway, convention centre, Bruce Highway expansion), things are moving in the right direction and will continue over the long term to do so.

Housing – Residential:  A slight slowdown in most areas
Housing – Units:  Same as above
Housing – Rural:  Again, a slight slowdown
Land – Rural/Residential:  Surprisingly still moving strongly, but supply is lacking

Rentals:  As with sales, we can experience a slight slowdown this time of year, and we have, but is is very slight.  Rental values still appear to be holding firm.

And finally, if you would like me to hone in on your particular property for a more accurate analysis, simply call or email

Until Next Quarter,   Daryl


February 2018:  2018 is off to a cracker of a start.  Properties, if priced correctly, are selling very quickly.  Unfortunately, buyer’s have been caught off guard and some have not yet adjusted their offer strategies.  Gone are the days where a buyer could come in with a ridiculous offer and have any hope of purchasing the property.  That being said, it is important for sellers to price their properties prudently.  The market is good and properties are selling, but the asking price of a property must still be in the right range for a buyer to get a valid bank valuation for finance.  As always, it is important to look at the comparable sales and market trends when determining your price.

Housing – Residential: Selling quickly, low inventory
Housing – Units: Showing strong interest, especially below $400K (same as previous report)
Land – Rural/Residential: Selling reasonably fast, good enquiry

Rentals: Properties are still renting fairly quickly.  We are starting to see more inventory come onto the market.

Until Next Quarter,   Daryl

December 2017:  Well, it has been 4 months since my last update and a lot has happened, all in the positive sense. Now that we are in Spring and heading towards Summer, I see nothing but good things ahead. The inventory levels have lowered and buyer demand is increasing. A lot (not all) of this was initially driven by Sydney and Melbourne prices skyrocketing. But lately, the scare has been put into the Brisbane market (thank you Courier mail for the positive press) and that is causing a ‘mini-boom’. So, what is happening, is the sellers in Brissy that are now seeing a 10% to $20% increase in prices are taking advantage and buying up on The Sunny Coast. This is driving a very steady improvement in our market. Now, be cautioned, it is not, and probably will not go ‘crazy’ up here, and you still have to price and present your property correctly, but all in all, we are looking forward to a very good year. My current summary for specific categories are as follows:

Housing – Residential: Most areas moving solidly forward
Housing – Units: Showing strong interest, especially below $400K
Housing – Was a tad slow with the semi-drought, but hopefully, with the rain we just had, a ‘pickup’ could be on the cards
Land – Rural/Residential: Staying strong and will continue, especially flatter allotments

Rentals: I have noticed in the past 4 months we did have a peak, but it did slow down a bit (up to early September). Now we are in Spring, we should see a steady increase toward the Summer holiday rush (a pool and A/C are a bonus) which traditionally continues through to March (2018).

Until Next Quarter,  Daryl