Out of Hours Emergencies

If you have no power, water or gas, there may be a local outage. Some helpful numbers to check for local outages include:

Origin Energy:  13 19 62
Energex:  13 62 62
AGL:  13 12 45

For all emergencies not caused by local outages, Please phone:

DURING BUSINESS HOURS:  (07) 5446 4999.


  • If a repair is caused by tenant neglect, (for example, power failure due to one of your faulty appliances, a foreign object blocking toilets or garbage disposal units etc), it will be your responsibility for the payment of that account and you will not be reimbursed from the owner.
  • If you organise an emergency repair because of an outage in the area, you will not be reimbursed.
  • For what is classified as an emergency, please refer to the RTA Fact Sheet. Click here for more information:


Leaking taps/water issues – Turn the water off at the main, located in a box with a black lid, usually at the end of your driveway near the street. There is a tap or nozzle,  turn this off.

Power Issues – check the meter box and reset the switch that has tripped. Individually unplug your appliances and keep trying to reset the tripped switch.

Electric Hot Water – if your supply of hot water is not hot or does not seem to last as long as it should, your hot water system may need topping up. Locate the filler valve on the side of the hot water system and lift the lever until water flows from the overflow. Repeat this process every few months.   Also, check your power box and look for a tripped switch.  Remember in winter, the efficiency of the tank is less than in summer and the water will cool quicker.

Gas Hot water – If you have just had a new cylinder delivered, you may need to reset the gas hot water system by turning it off at the power switch, waiting 30 seconds, then turning it back.  Hot water should then come through the pipe within 1 minute of the tap being turned on to hot.