Are You Frustrated With Your Current Property Management Agency?

As an owner of an investment property, it is important that you are receiving premiere service and expert advice when it comes to the management of that property.

At a minimum, you should be receiving the following from your current agency:

  • Fortnightly rental disbursements and detailed accounting of all expense/income relating to the property.
  • Regularly scheduled routine inspections, with an invitation for you to attend.
  • Detailed written reports with photos and recommendations after each routine inspection.
  • Advice to enhance the rental value of your property
  • 6 monthly market evaluations to keep you up to date with the current sales and rental values in your area
  • Diligent screening and vetting to find the most suitable tenant for your property.
  • Quick attention to any repairs and detailed status reports as to the progress of any work done.
  • Zero tolerance on rental arrears.
  • Easy access to your property manager with all emails and phone calls returned promptly

If you are not, then you should consider changing to an agency that will do a better job. Changing agencies isn’t hard, it’s simple! We can do most of the work for you! Just a few simple steps:

  • We will organise the “Change of Agency”letter for you to sign.
  • We will send this letter to your current property manager with the appropriate notice period after viewing your current agreement.
  • If the notice period is long and you would like to transfer management to our agency immediately we are happy to pay out the notice period to the current managing agent so it will not cost you a cent.
  • You will not have to deal with the stress of speaking with your current agency – we do it ALL for you. Call 0437 115 668 to discuss switching to Rouse Realty today!
Daryl Rouse
Article By Daryl Rouse
After 9 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an electronics specialist, Daryl entered the Real Estate industry in the mid 80’s. During his 30 year career, Daryl has…
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