As an Investor, Should I go For a Fixed Lease or Stay Periodic?

At Rouse Realty our Property Management team always speaks with Landlords, prior to a new tenant moving in, regarding the length of tenancy. Most landlords assume that it has to be a 6 or 12-month term. However, there is no law or legislation that states that a tenant must enter into either of these fixed-term periods.

When entering into a Tenancy Agreement it is important to understand that the current market conditions and seasonal changes can impact on your return for your investment property.

At Rouse Realty our office regularly monitors the rental market and has an understanding of the quiet and busy times during the year. With this understanding, we can maximise your rental return and secure tenants for your investment property.

Varied tenancy terms will also have an impact on properties with pools. If a property has a pool, it is important to negotiate a tenancy agreement to expire in the summer months rather than winter.

At Rouse Realty when negotiating agreement terms, we will always think outside of the square on your behalf. For more information please call our Property Management Team today on 0437 115 668 or send email to [email protected]

Daryl Rouse
Article By Daryl Rouse
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