Why Detailed Preparation is Important When the Property is Vacant

Does your investment property have a detailed Entry Condition Report & coloured photos?

How it starts is how it ends.

We understand that property investment is a serious business. If not handled properly, there can be major risks associated with owning rental properties. Our focus is on reducing your risk and ensuring that your role as a landlord is a pleasant and rewarding experience.

Protection of your property is important and Rouse Realty ensures this happens. We take particular care when preparing the Entry Condition Report prior to the tenant moving in. We support this written report with a video of the property, gardens, and grounds. We also take colour photos which form part of the entry condition report and a copy is kept on file. At any time during, or at the end of the lease, we can refer to these records to prove the condition at entry. Professional management at this stage of the tenancy guarantees the standard of the property during and at the end of the tenancy.

Our team at Rouse Realty has accumulated a wealth of experience in the local area and we are equipped to achieve outstanding results for you. So call one of our friendly Property Managers today on (07) 5446 4999 or send an email to [email protected].

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