92 The Avenue - featured
 92 The Avenue - featured

92 The Avenue , Peregian Springs QLD 4573

Sold on 15th January 2020
Sold For $610,000

I am now on the market, and I am beautiful. I know I am bragging, but when you've got it.........

Ok, here's the deal, my parents have decided to sell me, I know that is sudden, but I am am excited to find my next family. I have been looked after extremely well. In fact, some say, I look years younger than what I actually am. When I was originally conceived (from the Earth no less), a lot of time was put into how I look and work to make sure everything flowed nicely, and it does. So, now the day has come for me to find new guardians. I am in a position to present myself in a very good way. Hopefully, you are still reading....here are some of my features:

* 4 rooms you can sleep in and 2 bathrooms so you can clean yourself either standing up or laying down (that's funny)
* The master bedroom where the title owners rest, is oversize, in a good way
* Very high entry way ceilings lets me stretch out a bit
* I have nice expensive tile floors in all the areas where you trample all the time
* The area you cook and eat is spacious and inviting with a lounge area
* I also have another completely separate quite large area that you can lounge in and watch the box with moving pictures on the wall
* I have ducted a/c so we are cool, right. Oh, or hot, ok?
* My outdoor entertaining area is huge, apparently good if you have a lot of friends that come from down South. to visit and leave, hopefully
* Now, around the back, I am a bit large, but in a good way I am told, oh, and very private
* I am advised that there is also room to dig a big hole and line it with cement so you can fill it with water. Oh, and no easements to get in the way, whatever that means

Ok, that is enough bragging, I know sometimes (a lot) there are real estate agents that ssstttrreettcchh the truth just a bit, but with my one (Daryl) this is not the case. He has typed all of this exactly as I have dictated it. Give him a call now, he is also really good at returning calls.

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