Real Estate Lies

You wouldn’t trust Pinocchio with the sale of your home, would you?

Unfortunately, some agents are a bit like the infamous puppet, when it comes to telling the truth. They hope you haven’t done your homework and will fall for their pathetic untruths or exaggerations. Beware! These agents will do or say anything to get you to list with them. Here are the top 10 lies that are all to commonly used in the Real Estate industry:

1. I can get you a higher price than ……… (insert another company name here)
2. A large office (with many agents) is better. We work as a team on your property
3. If you give me (more) money for marketing, I can get you a higher sales price
4. Discount companies offer the same services as any other company
5. All the buyers come from the internet these days
6. Your property is perfect for an auction campaign
7. Lets test the market at your price first
8. Of course I conjunct (cooperate) with other agents, if they have buyers
9. Your property is not selling because of the bad market
10. We have buyers right now looking for a home just like yours

Phew ……… and that was just the top 10. Here’s a few more

11. I will provide Free marketing (or any other bait) if you list with me
12. I really like (love) your house
13. Our company does more advertising than other companies
14. We need to do opens all the time
15. We need to wait for the buyer to come along, if it is not selling
16. I don’t need the commission, I do it for the love
17. Trust me (a favourite)
18. Call me anytime. I work after hours, weekends and holidays
19. My buyer data base is huge
20. The REIQ is associated with professional agents

If you are thinking of selling and want the truth about what it will take to sell your property in today’s market, then call us today on 07 5446 4999. We are happy to explain why the above statements are misleading, at best and won’t help you to achieve the sales result desired.

Daryl Rouse
Article By Daryl Rouse
After 9 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an electronics specialist, Daryl entered the Real Estate industry in the mid 80’s. During his 30 year career, Daryl has…
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