Tough Questions To Ask When Interviewing Agents

Choosing the right agent to sell your home can be confusing.

It is especially difficult when you speak with several different agents and they all seem so convincing.

To determine who is most likely to succeed in getting your home sold, you must know the right questions to ask. The following list provides you with the questions to ask your prospective agent. The list will not only help you select the right realtor, but will also evoke the very best from the one you choose.

  1. When conjuncting, do you offer the conjuncting agent at least 52%?
  2. Can I cancel the listing at any time, unconditionally?
  3. Do you work as a full time agent? How Long have you been licensed?
  4. Will the price and address of my property be on all marketing?
  5. What level of licensing do you have (Sales Associate or Fully Licensed agent)?
  6. Do you use 24/7 property information lines?
  7. Do you have a positioning strategy to generate offers quickly?
  8. Why are you the best agent to sell my property?
  9. Do you offer a performance guarantee?
  10. What do you do differently than your competitors?
  11. What is my property going to sell for?
  12. What should it be listed for?
  13. How did you arrive at that price?
Daryl Rouse
Article By Daryl Rouse
After 9 years in the Royal Australian Air Force as an electronics specialist, Daryl entered the Real Estate industry in the mid 80’s. During his 30 year career, Daryl has…
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