Why Isn’t My Property Selling?

At Rouse Realty, we understand how frustrating it can be when your property doesn’t sell.

Every property has positives and negatives. Every seller’s motivation is different. Every market is different. Some of these issues can be changed, whilst others can’t (such as location of the property).

When you list your property with Rouse Realty, our agents will create a personalized marketing strategy for your property that is designed to maximise the property’s strengths and to eliminate or minimize any apparent weaknesses. Below are some of the most common reasons why a property does not sell:

  1. Poor location.
  2. Not presented correctly.
  3. Exposed to people who are not buying.
  4. Inexperienced agent.
  5. Agent not telling you the truth.
  6. Ineffective marketing.
  7. Low seller motivation.
  8. Low agent motivation.
  9. Obsolete conjunction policy.
  10. Agent lacking skills necessary to overcome buyer hesitation.
  11. Not a priority in agent’s inventory.
  12. Agent’s inventory too high.
  13. Low market penetration.
  14. Has become stale on the market.
  15. Ineffective refresher techniques applied by agent.
  16. Ineffective price reductions
  17. Priced to high
  18. Condition of the property
  19. High interest rates
  20. Declining values in are
Daryl Rouse
Article By Daryl Rouse
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