Market Update On Suburb Growth in Popular Sunshine Coast Suburbs

The Sunshine Coast offers its residents the ultimate beach lifestyle, so it’s no wonder that many suburbs in the area are experiencing heightened suburb growth. As the demand in the area increases so does the potential return on your biggest investment, your real estate.

Or perhaps you’re looking to invest in the area? Suburb growth isn’t something the average person usually keeps up with, unless you’re in the industry, but it should be everybody’s business.

Some signs to look out for that may indicate a suburb will experience growth in the near future are:

Gentrification of the area
Monitoring past property prices for growth
Observing statistics on the demographics of the suburb
Keep an eye out for new infrastructure, cafes and shops
Research the supply and demand
Rising rental prices
Another distinctive indication that a suburb is about to experience growth is if its neighbouring suburbs have. Keep an eye out for suburbs that may experience ‘the ripple effect’ of undergoing increased growth off the back of their more successful neighbours.

Market update of suburb growth in the main suburbs we service here at Rouse Realty:

Suburb Type Change in median price (5yrs) Median asking rent Median days on market
Coolum Beach Houses 34.8% $510 per week 40 days
Coolum Beach Units 19.7% $400 per week 40 days
Mount Coolum Houses 28% $500 per week 70 days
Mount Coolum Units 17.2% $400 per week 33 days
Peregian Beach Houses 29.1% $565 per week 56 days
Peregian Beach Units 50% $420 per week 37 days
Peregian Springs Houses 19.7% $540 per week 61 days
Peregian Springs Units 71.5% $480 per week 40 days

*Statistics collected from on 18.08.2020 and are calculated over a rolling 12 month period.

When did you last have an updated appraisal on the sale or rental value of your property? If it’s been a while, you might be surprised of its current value as a result of suburb growth. If you’re curious, give our friendly team at Rouse Realty a call today on 0437 115 668 to organise an obligation free appraisal.

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