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Why Choose Rouse Realty

Why Choose Rouse Realty

We understand . . . That you do have a choice when it comes to picking a company to manage one of your largest financial investments: your rental property. We are also aware that there are no shortage of agencies willing to undertake the management of that investment. That’s why we would like to show you just why Rouse Realty is best suited for the job.

6 Reasons Why

Investment Property Owners Choose Rouse Realty

Maximising the return on your investment and taking great care of your property: It’s our job. We get it! That’s why, in addition to performing the normal property management tasks, we offer the following extras and guarantees:

The Clock Is Ticking

We return every phone call and answer every email received during the same business day. If not, we will refund that month’s management fee to you.

Happy Clients

Bottom-line: If you are not happy with our service, then bring it to our attention. If we can not rectify the situation to your satisfaction, then the next 3 months management fees are on us.*

21 Day Guarantee

We stand by our performance. If we are unable to rent your property after 21 days of marketing it, we will pay you $500.00*

*Terms and conditions apply

Tenant Rewards

Most companies talk about chasing bad tenant behavior. Our approach is different. We reward tenants for paying the rent on time and keeping the property in tip-top shape. Each month, tenants compete to win 1 weeks free rent. As a result, our arrears are less than 1%.

Looking Fabulous

We know, from first-hand experience, that professional photos directly impact the amount of enquiry and viewings on a property for rent. When you choose Rouse Realty, we include professional photos of your property free of charge.

No Hidden Fees

We like to keep it fair and simple: We provide you with top notch, professional management and in return you agree to pay us fee for management, plus a let fee when the property is rented. That’s it.

Success Strategy

Making sure that you get the highest and best return on your investment is more than just putting a sign in the yard and renting the property to the first warm body that walks through the door. It takes strategy. It requires a system. It takes skill and experience. It requires a holistic approach. That’s why we have created a detailed, step-by-step process that ensures your investment will perform to it’s best. When you place your property in our hands, this is what we do:

Our Process: Step By Step . . .

Understanding Your Needs
Before we start looking for a tenant for your property, we must understand what is important to you. That’s why you will find us asking lots of questions (we hope you don’t mind). Yo… Read More
Educating You
Many of our clients live overseas, interstate or have never owned an investment property. Therefore, their knowledge of the laws governing rental properties in Queensland may be minimal. To … Read More
Preparing Your Property for Rent
We work closely with you to prepare the property to meet the market. We can not stress the importance of this step (one that is often overlooked by other agencies). We will give you our prof… Read More
Exposing Your Property to the Right Tenants
Before we begin to market a property, we must first determine who the “right” tenant will be. Some of the questions we will ask ourselves are:
· Who is the tenant for this propert… Read More
Detailed Entry Reports
Before a tenant moves in, your Property Manager will complete an Entry Condition Inspection with a carefully detailed report. At the end of the tenancy this report will be used to ensure you… Read More
Enquiry Priority, Fast Response Time
In today’s society, people want instant information and fast response to any enquiry. One of the biggest consumer complaints is that Real Estate Agents never return calls. Not so at Rouse … Read More
Careful Tenant Selection
Our job is to find the best possible tenant for your property in the quickest possible time. Each day that your property sits vacant represents a monetary loss that can not be recouped.

Read More
Education of the Tenant
When we meet with the tenant to sign their lease, we take the time to educate the tenant as to the expectations that we have of them during their tenancy. So that there are no misunderstandi… Read More
Thorough Documentation & Attention to Detail
At the time of signing the General Tenancy Agreement and related documents, we educate and advise the tenants of important aspects of the Tenancy Agreement and the property itself. We find t… Read More
Timely Routine Inspections
We carry out timely routine inspections on all of our properties under management. The purpose of the inspections are threefold:

  • to bring to your attention any urgent maintenanc… Read More
Collection of Rent
We do it all for you! We collect the rent and make sure that it is deposited into your nominated account, with a detailed accounting to you at mid-month and/or month end. Our fully electroni… Read More
Stringent Rent Arrears Policy
All tenants are informed, at the time of signing their lease, about our arrears policy and the majority adhere to our policy of keeping their rent paid two weeks in advance. However, should … Read More
Accounting to You
At the end of each month we forward you an itemised statement showing all rental income and payments made on your behalf. We electronically deposit your money as cleared funds, into your nom… Read More
Exit report
At the end of the tenancy we perform a detailed exit inspection and provide you with a copy of the exit report. This report is used in conjunction with the entry report and property inventor… Read More
Renewing or Re-letting the Property
Ten weeks prior to the end of the tenancy, our work begins on renewing or re-letting the property. This includes: 

  • Read More
Compliance Issues
Legislation changes regularly, as is evidenced by the recent Pool certification requirements and the upcoming changes to the smoke alarm requirements. At Rous… Read More
Keeping you Informed
We understand that communication is key factor in maintaining to our relationship with you. Whether it is ‘good’ news or ‘not so good’’ news, we won… Read More
Year End Financial Statements
To make life easier for you at tax time, we provide you with easy to read, year end tax statements that you can take to your accountant or tax preparer. Read More
Peace of Mind
Above all, our goal is to provide you with peace of mind that your property is being looked after with the utmost care and responsibility.  Read More
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